Logitech Crayon available to everyone for $70 starting Sept. 12

by Warmline mail on September 06, 2018


Logitech's clever iPad stylus, Crayon, which autopairs and feels more comfortable than the Apple Pencil, was originally an education-only product, targeted at owners of the latest iPad released earlier this year. I used one over the summer and loved it. Well, good news: Crayon will soon be available for any iPad owner to buy, starting Sept. 12.

There is one bit of bad news, though: it now costs more.

The educational price for Crayon was $50, a really attractive target compared to the $100 Apple Pencil. The noneducation price, however, will be $70, which feels steep.


Logitech Crayon (bottom) vs Apple Pencil (top)


Logitech Crayon has some distinct advantages over the Apple Pencil. Its wider, flat design is easier for me to hold, and could be easier for young kids to hold, too. The stylus also pairs instantly without requiring entering Bluetooth settings. It's fast and angle-sensitive, too.



But there are also a few drawbacks. Crayon isn't pressure-sensitive the way Apple Pencil is. It also needs to be turned on before using, unlike Apple Pencil. Also, it currently only works for this year's entry-level 2018 iPad, which has Crayon support baked in. Logitech claims a seven-hour battery life on a single charge via Lightning cable, which plugs into the top of the stylus.

New iPad Pros that support Crayon could arrive at Apple's Sept. 12 event, the same day that the Logitech Crayon will go on sale exclusively at Apple Stores and online via Apple or Logitech through September, and in other places after that.

I'd say hang on and see what Apple announces at its imminent event first, but if you have this year's iPad and are interested in a great art tool for kids that doesn't cost quite as much as Pencil, Crayon would be a good place to start.